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C#.Net Interview Question and Answers

1. What is C#?

  • C# (pronounced "C sharp") is a simple, modern, object-oriented, and type-safe programming language.
  • It will immediately be familiar to C and C++ programmers.
  • C# combines the high productivity of Rapid Application Development (RAD) languages.


2. What are the types of comment in C#?

There are 3 types of comments in C#.

Single line (//) Multi (/* */) Page/XML Comments (///).

3. What are the namespaces used in C#.NET? Namespace is a logical grouping of class. using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Windows.Forms; 4. What are the characteristics of C#? There are several characteristics of C# are : Simple Type safe Flexible Object oriented Compatible Consistent Interoperable Modern 5. What are the different categories of inheritance? Inheritance in Object Oriented Programming is of four types: Single inheritance : Contains one base class and one derived class. Hierarchical inheritance : Contains one base class and multiple derived classes of the same base class. Multilevel inheritance : Contains a class derived from a derived class. Multiple inheritance : Contains several base classes and a derived class.

Reference http://www.a2zinterviews.com/DotNet/csharp.net/index.php


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